Our new technology is highly professional

The trimming tool comes after the die casting mould, its function is the trimming, general deburring and cleaning of the piece.
We are able to complete the trimming tool with additional units: DRILLING AND THREADING UNITS, CUTTING BLADES, PNEUMATIC AND HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS according to the requirements.


Vision and Goals

quality and skills with a glimpse into the future

Our priority is and will always be the achievement of highest product quality and the highest satisfaction of our customers.
Dealing with the specific requirements of our single interlocutor enables us to establish a trustful relationship, which becomes stronger over time.
To find out innovative solutions for certain problems which are pointed out during the production stage means to facilitate the job of our customer for the benefit of both parties.

We work for you, we work with you

The best solution for the greatest result.

We make our experience available as well as our capability of finding out effective solutions to optimize the performance of the trimming tool you need. A direct discussion for a detailed analysis of the design is the first step, the remaining part is our job.

Our Team

Consulting, design, production, and delivery

To work in a team means above all trust and cooperation, only in this way you can reach strong and long-lasting results. O.M.B Stampi wants to be on the cutting edge as for vision and technology, aiming at the personal and professional growth of each member of its team.