We do not manufacture only trimming tools,
but masterpieces

Quality is our first goal.

About Us

About Us

O.M.B Stampi is a company which can rely on twenty years’ experience in the die-casting industry. In 2006 Manuel Bonassi took over the family company aiming at technology innovation, which he deemed more interesting for the target market: the trimming tool. O.M.B Stampi manufactures trimming tools for parts made of aluminium, magnesium and other non-ferrous alloys.

“In 2018 we moved to our new production unit, we knew that it was the right time to do it. It has been an important decision, also because focusing on the company quality and growth, we enlarged our team staff. Our team works, because everyone has his/her task and works in close cooperation with the other employees. We are all inspired to do our best, everyone with his mind and in mutual respect.” Manuel Bonassi

“We have searched the right people, supporting them and making them feel responsible step by step. Our guys take part in each stage of the production, they attend refresher courses regularly. They are steadily encouraged to contribute with their ideas in order to reach the goals which we have set. We are a family: we face difficulties together and celebrate the small daily achievements together.” Manuel Bonassi

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Discussion and Solution

We introduce ourselves to the customer as integral part of its team. To understand its requirements enables us to assess new solutions to solve possible problems. We like designing together with our customer to reach a perfect achievement.


We do not settle for a standard trimming tool: we always aim at the highest quality level. The manufacturing of a trimming tool according to specific requirements to meet our customers’needs means for us to make a piece exclusive.


The stage of research and study which precedes each design is essential to create tailored solutions. We start from our experience analysing every detail and then we proceed with the relevant insights, driven to do our best under all circumstances.

Our certifications

We offer our customers the TÜV certified guarantee according to ISO 9001:2015 as for the design and manufacturing of moulds which are used for the cutting and deformation of metal sheets and cutting for die-casting.

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